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A brief History of our building project

Living Stones... our building project:

Phase 1 is completed, we are now looking towards Phase 2: Below is a timeline for the move to our new church site...

5th July 2015 - We moved to New Church Building (Phase 1)

The first service at our new church at 10.30am on 5 July 2015!  The official opening service was  held on Sunday 20th September with an Open Day on Saturday 19 September 2015.  See our YOURS Newsletter for information about what's on this week... 

22nd May 2014 - Builder Appointed

The Church Members unanimously agreed to appoint Caldera Construction Ltd to build phase one of the Living Stones Church and Community Centre.

14th April 2014 - Building Designs Complete- Went out to Tender

The plans were now at the final stages of planning (choosing interior fitments and colours of carpets) and have been approved by the Church Officers and Members of the church.  Builders were invited to tender for the building contract (in April 2014). The sucessful builder was selected in May. Our foundations were dug in the early Summer on our site in Court Lodge Road.

Our Temporary Base (February 2014 to Spring 2015)

The church were delighted to have reached agreement with the town council to rent the Innes Pavilion in Thornton Close (close to the site of our new church building on Court Lodge). This give us a base from which we can carry out nearly all of the regular  midweek activities for the period that we were "homeless". We had to adapt a bit, but were very grateful at the prospect of a temporary "home". The timing of the availability of these premises was perfect to fit in with the sale of our building and shows God's provision to us.   We  moved into the pavilion in the week beginning 10th February 2014.

29th November 2013 - Contracts Exchanged on the Sale of Albert Road

Contracts were exchanged on the sale of the building to Fennies Nurseries. We wished them every sucess in setting up their new day care centre while we prepared for the next phase in our exciting journey towards a building that would enable us to serve the community in Horley without being limited by a building we had outgrown. The sale was completed in February 2013.  

23rd March - Albert Road goes on sale

As part of the funding of the new church building, the existing church site on Albert Road was put up for sale. The money from the sale was added to funds raised that year to build the first phase of the church. We hoped to start building in early Spring 2014, once construction on the adjacent care home was complete.

3rd January 2013 - Fundraising update on the Building Project

The "Year of Fundraising" was launched with our first Gift Day on 6th January towards the costs of the new building.

The congregation were all invited to join us in bringing gifts and pledges, which were committed during the morning service on 6th January 2013.

Further fundraising in many forms followed, as we raised funds to wards the building project.

10th October 2012 - Completion for the land for our new church building

Revelation 3:7 What He opens, no-one can shut. Our confidence is in the Lord.

Completion of the purchase of the land on which we would build our new church buildings occurred on 10th October!

We celebrated the purchase on Sunday 7th October, covenating together, sharing lunch and praying at the site of the new church. 

The site was cleared and final design works were underway to allow construction to start on the care home which would be adjacent to the our new church. The buiding of the new church was to start as soon as the care home was built, in around a year's time.

Details of the Building Project Planned

Our church congregation had outgrown it's building!!   

A church is all about people and not buildings, which are a means to an end.  However, it was inconvenient to meet in two differnt venues and our current building significantly limited our midweek activities and prevented us being able to offer the facilities to serve our local community as much as we would have liked to do. Therefore we were seeking to purchase a piece of land, in Court Lodge Road, and build facilities that will better enable us to meet these aims.

 The  Planning Permission application was agreed by Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.  Here is a copy of the "Decision Notice" confirming this.

The following link to the council website can be used to view the application.


The building was to be built in two stages. 

Phase 1 would be group rooms, offices and a hall large enough for the current congregation to use as a worship area as well.  We would then be able to "move in", sell our current building and start saving up for phase 2! 

Phase 2 will be the main sanctuary and additional toilets and foyer areas, which will be built as an anex.

 The links at the bottom of the page show our architect's drawing of the building.  

         Phase 1, from the road.                                                    Phase 1, from the car park  

         Phase 1, from the air                                                           Phase 1, floor plans


        Phase 2, from the road                                                 Phase 2, from the car park


             Phase 2, from the air                                               Phase 2, floor plans


                                         Site Plan

Printable version of Phase 1 elevations

Printable Version of Phase 1 floor plans

Printable version of Phase 2 elevations

Printable version of phase 2 floor plans

Printable version of site plan

Printable version of 2010 design brief (contains earlier versions of design, on a different part of the site, and other planning information).